Water Smart Features

Water smart features can transform a drainage nightmare into a wonderous landscape that attracts wildlife and mitigates water runoff. A simple raingarden can retain excess water and filter it before it flows to the public sewer; a simple grass swale can slow down drainage to prevent soil erosion. Low impact development techniques are practical as well as beautiful and easily implemented in gardens of all sizes.

A no-mow grass is one of the many sustainable design features of this energy efficient homeA colorful, dynamic rain garden animates the front entrance of a zero net energy LEED Platinum property
The permeable pavers of this drive allow for water to percolate into soil
A dry riverbed is not only a gorgeous feature in this back garden but also an effective strategy to manage stormwaterA green roof provides an usual urban oasis for the homeowners of this zero net energy LEED Platinum property
A green roof on this Capital Hill school reduces stormwater runoffA rain garden captures rainwater from front slope and captures water before it meets the roadway